at the service of Entrepreneurs

Late-stage trading

During the years we have built an effective secondary market network allowing us to participate in the best private deals and financing rounds available on the market.


We back investors in executing trades, on buy and sell side. With Abalone VP’s reach we are able to scout, advise and execute your most desired investment ideas. Submit a wish, commit for 4 weeks, we’ll do the rest.


Leveraging on the Abalone Group licenses and capabilities in several European jurisdictions to issue securitization solutions on demand. We deliver pre-IPO investments within everyone's reach.

Our Strenghts, Your Leverage

We are Co-Investors

We offer investments on a deal by deal basis and co-invest alongside our institutional partners in order to ensure the highest alignement of interests.

Unique Deal Flow

Business is thicker than water. We do believe in long standing and transparent relationships and we pride ourselves to be in contact with key people in the industry. This is why Abalone VP participates only in cap-table or sub cap table deals. Never a step below.

In-kind distribution

We are neither asset managers, nor fund managers. This means we offer single deals to our Partners, and most importantly that we always deliver what is asked for, shares. Each opportunity proposed by Abalone VP will always be distributed in-kind at the liquidity event.

No fees policy

The most rewarding yet the most difficult thing to say is a sound no. Abalone VP has a strong convinction in entering deals with complex layers of fees and carried interests. A sound no. Our strength is delivering to our clients exactly what they see, an opportunity at cost of purchase.